A little more about us

What we do


We cut, engrave, perforate and namecut paper, card and a host of other materials to give you high quality output for you or your clients. We also offer a finishing service - after all, we know better than anyone how your components should look and work when put together - meaning we can complete your items under one roof, saving time and cost.


We are one of the few companies in the UK to use a Motioncutter; a high speed digital galvo laser cutter which produces clean, high quality, precision work. We also have a series of flatbed machines. The different machines have different strengths which means we can produce the best results whatever the requirement.


We cater for all sizes of jobs, from short runs through to production runs in the 100,000’s.

Our machinery is fully automated and sheet-fed with the ability to print reference in a matter of milliseconds, meaning jobs that have traditionally needed long lead times can be completed much faster


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When you need to make an impression.


Who we are


The Laser Bureau team has a specialist background in laser cutting and printing with more years’ experience than we’d like to think about for too long, but it does mean that we know our stuff.


We are based in Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire and have a national client base, including Harrods, Molton Brown and Ferrari and, with our sister company Cutture, we have created event installations and stationery for a huge variety of businesses.


Our work is varied, which is a really exciting challenge. We can go from making large-scale pieces for point of sale and exhibitions, to intricate tags and place cards for events. We get more and more requests to laser cut elements for packaging, particularly luxury cartons to add that extra bit of flair or interest to really set your product apart from the competition. Also, as finishing on brochure and book covers gets more creative, laser cutting is now a viable option due to the higher volumes we can now produce with our equipment .


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Hand finishing, it's all in the little details.


Why us


We consider our customers our partners. We listen. We respect deadlines. We meet expectations, and where we can exceed them, we do.


Our focus is on quality. We have a meticulous and skilled production team who are adept in finding new ways to achieve excellence so we can produce the best work for you.